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Control System Audits

System Audits provide you with an opportunity to evaluate and assess the management of the main risks associated with your Industrial Control System.


Key areas of your system are reviewed and analyzed and here's why


Maintaining your plant is key to ensuring smooth, efficient operations. Unplanned downtime due to equipment failure or unscheduled replacement is expensive and can put things like your relationships with your clients or customers at risk. 

Cyber Security

Every year there is an increase in the number of cyber incidents affecting industrial facilities. These incidents can cause financial loss, exposure of your proprietary or personal information and, interruption of service.

Energy Management

How you control and reduce your energy usage is  important. The more energy you consume in your facilities the greater your operating costs, emissions and, susceptibility to changes in energy cost and supply.

How auditing can help improve your Industrial Control System

Auditing your control systems can provide you with access to incremental improvements that can help you;

Avoid unplanned maintenance & improve equipment life

  • Prevent getting caught off guard not knowing when equipment is likely to fail and prepare for tomorrow’s industry, instead of simply reacting to today’s problems.

Gather simple strategies to reduce threats

  • Access tools, processes and procedures that can help guard against cyber attacks and prepare you for  disruption of service or theft of information.

Embrace the win-win of controlling your energy usage

  • Empower your operators to reduce energy consumption in your facilities to save costs, decrease environmental impact and prepare to meet current or future energy targets.

The Audit Process

We use a three-step process to conduct our System Audits. Our goal is to provide you with access to shared industry knowledge and best practices to benchmark the processes and controls you currently have in place and support you in discovering incremental improvements to update your system and help unlock the potential of your team and equipment.



Action Plan

Benchmark & Report

  • An on-site system audit using a guided template is completed

  • Our Subject Matter Experts review and analyze your data

  • A benchmarking analysis is conducted

  • An on-site presentation, report and steps for moving forward are given to you and your team

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