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Our Approach

Yes, we are different. 

Our mission is to to achieve synergy in each and every client, vendor, member and community relationship.


The keystone to it all? Helping our clients in the way that fits their needs while smoothly integrating into the way they work. This is the Jordan way. It works for the industry leaders we partner with (some of our clients have been with us since we launched in 1999) and it will work for you too.

Different is good. We won't find tomorrow's solutions using yesterday’s thinking.

Our Team

Jordan maintains a number of multi-disciplined Synergists - Chemical, Electrical, Mechanical & System Design Engineers, IT Specialists,  Business Analysts and Panel Builders - focused on obtaining mutually beneficial results.


Our Synergists are:

Passionate about finding solutions based on what is right for our clients

Intelligent, fast-paced workers who enjoy opportunities and challenges

Consistently expanding their skill sets to stay on top of latest technology and best practices

Empowered entrepreneurs that are capable, eager and ready to assist

Our On-Demand Services

Jordan Synergists are available on an as-and-when required basis.

Hire one of our Synergists for any scope of work including (and not limited to):

Short-term initiatives

Access a pool of diverse experts for one-off projects

On-going Maintenance & Support

Have an ‘in-house’ team with specialized skills

Long-term partnerships

Augment your team with dedicated collective intelligence

Think of us as the ‘tool in your toolbox’

Our Impact

How does hiring a Jordan Synergist impact you?



Your system is maintained and changed to enhance both current and future potential



More people know and are familiar with your equipment and processes


Collective Intelligence

Your team has access to the brain power of a much larger group



You have the ability to scale your resources up or down as and when you need them



You don’t have to spend time putting together RFPs, detailed specs and coordinating PO’s

Our Locations

We serve our clients wherever they work around the globe - in Canada, the US, Mexico, South America, Asia etc. 

Our Company Headquarters is located just off the water in downtown Toronto, Ontario and our Panel Shop is located at the heart of Niagara in St. Catharines, Ontario. 

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