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Bridge Availability Applications

Ontario, Canada


A non-profit Canadian corporation that manages and operates canals and thirteen locks between Montreal and Lake Erie undertook an initiative to minimize the effect marine traffic control had on surrounding road traffic. 


Find a way to accurately predict and proactively communicate the status of lift bridges to motorists.


Jordan was engaged in two phases of this project. Phase One included the set up of a highway traffic sign to communicate the status of the Allenburg Bridge. Phase Two involved the generation of a radio station broadcast that communicates the status of four bridges to St. Catharines motorists. Both phases required the development of innovative applications that source different data types from different locations as well as predictive calculations that use this data to push results to the traffic sign and radio station.

Empowerment & Accountability

Depending on the sign and radio station's messages, motorists are empowered to decide if they would like to take an alternate route to avoid delays, thus alleviating roadway congestion and allowing them to be accountable for their travel time.

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