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Landscape Stewardship in Panama

What we've been up to in the rainforests of Central America


Mamoni Valley Preserve

Just two hours east of Panama City lies the largest remaining stretch of contiguous rainforest in the Tumbes-Choco-Magdalena eco-region. Travel inside this rain forest and you'll (unknowingly) stumble upon The MamoniValley Preserve (MVP), a non-profit organization that acts as a buffer zone to protect the many endemic plants, birds, mammals and amphibians that reside there.

MVP works to conserve the valley's watershed through land ownership, conservation easements and landowner pledges. Through ownership MVP is able to contribute to the direct conservation of forested land portions as well as manage and enhance land through titling, mapping, controlling pastures and selectively planting to attract wildlife. Revenue is generated via launching sustainable businesses and selling land to like-minded individuals and organizations.


  • EST 2014

  • 11, 500 Hectares

  • 6+ Association Members 

  • 2, 750 Endemic Plant Species

What's our Connection?

Jordan is part of the Mamoni 100, an MVP associate member made up of a community of investors and their 'families' that finance operations in the Valley. Our membership allows us to have a measurable impact on the well-being of the Valley's communities - employing locals, restoring the ecological and productive value of the land, and protecting acres of Panama's threatened tropical forests.

Why MVP?

Walk through MVP at any given time and you'll witness the synergy of university students researching endangered species, co-op students repairing the infrastructure, local workers tending to the gardens, investors hiking the continental divide etc. The preserve is a space where sustainability is valued, relationships are built and learning takes place, much like the vision we have for our Niagara Business Excellence Centre on Geneva Street in St. Catharines.

Want to know more?

Check out their website here.

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