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Book Giveaway!

And the winners are...


THANK YOU to everyone who took time to share how you brought JOY to someone's life in 2020. 

We had so many great entries and were encouraged by how creative you all have been to still find ways to bring light to others during these challenging times. 

Winner 1

Winner 2


Janet and her brother organized a very special backyard picnic for their Mom's 99th birthday. Coordinating closely with the staff at her retirement home and a few friends they were able to create a safe, socially distanced party complete with Swiss Chalet Chicken (her favorite) and an upside down cake (because it fell out of the car).

Sounds like a FUN party. Thank you Janet for spreading JOY! 

Lori nominated her good friend Laura, who lives in a condo building that has quite a few occupants who are living alone and or elderly. For Christmas she dressed herself and her dog Mr. Sugoi in Christmas gear and the two of them headed out to deliver home made meals and treats to her neighbours to help spread some holiday cheer.


Now THAT's a good neighbour. Thank you Laura for spreading JOY! 

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