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Client Services Group Leader

Eric Baumgart

Eric made the decision to top his Bachelor of Applied Science in Systems Design Engineering off with an adventure down under to participate in an International Exchange Program at the Queensland University of Technology. His education didn't stop there however. As a self-proclaimed 'lifelong learner' Eric is constantly developing his skills and knowledge base.

While we are never surprised at the wide range of achievements our members bring to the table, Eric has one that stands out, even in this group - he taught himself how to swim (must have been a good teacher as he is a scuba diver now). Eric also happens to have expertise and experience in many other fields, including automation, controls & instrumentation, management & troubleshooting of electrical equipment, network & IT, and health & safety.


Eric’s favourite thing about Jordan is that a relatively small firm can have such big impact. Our clients & team members work well together to achieve great things professionally, and our community initiatives extend our impact positively to people in the area.

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