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Volunteerism & A Heart of Servitude

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

Celebrating volunteers who make local community events safer and more fun.

2019 Volunteer Appreciation Draw Winner Tara Herd (middle) and her eldest daughter Hannah (right).

When we asked our CEO & Founder Sandra Buffett what she loved most about participating in triathlon events, she told us 3 things:

  • The feel of the sun on her arms during the open water swim

  • Meeting and chatting with other athletes during the run course

  • The volunteers who make the day so much safer and more fun

Wanting to show appreciation for the volunteers who make local triathlon races great Jordan decided to hold a draw at the end of the 2019 triathlon season for the opportunity for one volunteer to win $250 for themselves and $250 for the charity of their choice. Why the 50/50 split? Each year we donate 1/2 of our profits to our local and international community and we wanted to encourage the winner to do the same.


And the winner is...

Tara Herd has been volunteering with St. John Ambulance for 22 years. After moving to the Guelph area she was exposed to and eventually became involved with the Subaru Triathlon Series. She found herself drawn to the atmosphere and quickly signed up to volunteer for the events. Volunteering allowed her to learn the ins and outs of the sport and eventually she became a triathlete who completed her first triathlon at 7 months pregnant.

Being both an athlete and a volunteer has allowed Tara to experience the power of volunteerism from both sides. "As an athlete having the volunteers cheer you on is an overwhelming feeling of love and support. As a volunteer cheering on the athletes is just awe inspiring." She recalls meeting a new athlete this year during the Milton race who's support team was not able to make it to cheer her on. Without skipping a beat Tara found herself taking a moment to connect with the athlete and remind her of the inner strength it takes to test our boundaries, to try something new, and to accomplish a difficult task. She even gave her a hug. "Watching her cross the finish line made my heart burst."

Tara has passed her heart of servitude on to her 4 young daughters as well. After sharing her Milton race story with her family her eldest Hannah wanted to know how she could participate too. The Guelph Lake race this past August was Hannah's first time volunteering for a triathlon.

Volunteering is something that everyone should do at least once. No matter how busy our lives get, it creates a better world if we can help someone else. Find something you are passionate about and the volunteer opportunities will present themselves. Whether it's your child's class, helping seniors, working in a community garden etc. There is something for everyone.

We couldn't think of a more deserving winner. Thank you Tara for sharing your time and talent with your community. Can't wait to see you at the races next year!


Why we sponsor triathlons

Our choice to be Presenting Sponsor for Trisport Canada's Subaru Triathlon Series was a natural one. As a company that embraces a holistic approach to health and safety we have been supporting our team members in their athletic endeavors for many years - paying for race registrations, gifting athletic equipment and even organizing group coaching sessions. We wanted the opportunity to support goal-setting and achievement, the pursuit of fitness, and work life integration not only for our team members but also for our community. This sponsorship allows us to do just that.

Curious about what other neat things we do in our community? Head here:


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